Moderngrain is inspired by oak, where the countless types of surface finishing and colour range take centre stage, to bring you a natural modern wood-look.


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  • Naturalgrain


    Our newest interpretation of the wooden grain. Naturalgrain draws on the natural variation within the grain, while providing strength and stability in the consistent colour palette.

  • Rusticgrain


    Our Rusticgrain collection evokes the flavour of oiled, bleached wooden planks in two versions: large repaired knots, with veining and colour variations, and patterning without knots for the more refined alternative. The architectural potential is extended by the versatile Chevron…

  • NatStone

    Nature Stone

    Our Nature Stone range imitates the natural stone by recreating the compactness, graphic patterning and chromatic effects of sedimentary slate in dark, elegant colours. With the facility to create unbroken visual continuity between areas, it is ideal for indoor and…

  • NewYork-Mosaic

    New York Mosaic

    Our New York collection evokes a metropolitan atmosphere, in strictly neutral colours. Featuring a slightly textured satin surface, it is perfect for that minimal effect, with a little bit of character.