about us

Founded in 1985, International Ceramics prides itself on being a family owned and operated business for over 35 years. We have had the privilege of witnessing much change and growth in the industry, and under the leadership of our founder strive to prove ourselves as a strong, independent beacon of style and quality.

Our Capabilities

Over the last decade, we have focused on providing the best products and services directly to the retail market. It is our passion to work in conjunction with visionary designers, such as yourself, to bring to life the most creative, unique and elegant concepts.

What we offer at International Ceramics is complete creative freedom, unlocking access to an extensive collection of exclusive tile, stone and mosaic ranges – meaning you can go into any project with complete confidence we can support your style and vision with the most premium quality material. Our goal has always been to supply the most luxurious tiles at the most affordable price, while ensuring we cater to the specific technical requirements of each and every project.

To achieve this goal, each year, like Mario once did, we visit Italy for the annual tile trade show in Bologna to carefully select the next evolution of products, speak with our factories to ensure they are keeping up with ever changing trends and technology, and look for new factories providing a difference in the market so that we may introduce our clients to the best of the best.

We also import products from Spain, Asia, The UAE and India so that we can ensure we have the best range of products available for our clients.

Environmentally Sustainable

At International Ceramics we believe in sustainable practices to ensure we offer the safest products possible for our clients and our environment.

This belief has encouraged us to partner with suppliers and manufacturers who share the same commitment in sustainability.

iStone panels are made in Italy and Spain from entirely natural minerals and materials.

The surfaces are dyed with water-based inks and glazes to deliver environmentally friendly and consumer safe surfaces.

Slip Compliance

At International Ceramics we are well trained in the procedures of risk management.

Our anti-slip surfaces meet the various requirements of the Australian and New Zealand safety standards, while boasting elegant modern designs.

Our partnered manufacturers are fully supportive of our vision for visual continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces, working with us to continually develop more technical, reliable and practical surfaces for even the most demanding projects.





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